Mahadev Dairy Blog Latest Products Thu, 01 Jun 2023 23:29:31 +0530 en-us What Are The Benefits Of Salted Butter? Mon, 14 Mar 2022 11:10:30 +0530 Salted and unsalted butter are two types of butter that are available in the market. The difference between these two is that the salted butter has salt in it and the unsalted one does not have salt. Plenty of cooks uses salted butter for making different food items. These have amazing benefits and tastes delicious.    There are plenty of salted butter exporters in India who provide bulk products to customers all around. Salted Butter is used in different food-producing companies to make various food items. Make sure that you deal with reliable suppliers and exporters to get salted butter that is pure and does not have any contaminates or impure products.     Why Salted Butter Is Used?  The different brands offer different varieties of butter and the salt content can vary as well. This is why you must read the labels before you use them. Salted Butter is great for use.   The salt in the butter makes the flavoured butter and therefore it will increase the flavouring of the food products you make using this butter. This balances the overall taste and makes it better. Salt in butter is also used as it acts as a natural preservative and it increases the shelf life to approximately thirty days or even more.   This butter is perfect when you have it with some warm bread as it does not need heat to increase the taste and flavour of the bread and butter. As long as you know how to improvise the taste of the food you are cooking, you can use the salted butter in it. This will make the dish properly seasoned and people will surely love it.   And even though people say should be using unsalted butter when baking, it is totally fine to use salted butter as it makes the baked items more buttery and better in taste.    Unsalted butter does not taste good when served with a piece of bread. We always reach for the salt when we are served with it in restaurants and other places. This is because salt makes it taste different and better. Adding salt on top of the unsalted butter is not similar to what you can taste when you have salted butter supplied by the best-salted butter exporters from India. The reason is that when we add salt on our own, it doesn’t dissolve properly in the butter and it is not distributed throughout.    You can try it out in your house and will see the difference in taste.    Potential Health Benefits  Reduces The Chances Of Cancer    Butter is good for health. Salted Butter has a high amount of beta carotene which is a compound that our body is capable of converting into vitamin A. This reduces the chances of having lung cancer and also prostate cancer.    Helps Make Your Eyesight Better  The beta Carotene helps to make the eyesight better and reduces the chances of losing vision.    Strengthens Your Bones  Vitamin D content in salted butter is important for the strength of your bone development and growth. This is also rich in calcium that prevents diseases like Osteoporosis.    There are plenty of other benefits as well that makes salted butter popular. Choose to deal with the best Salted Butter exporters in India and get products from them for your use. Reasons to buy Fresh Cheese online from wholesale Suppliers in India Wed, 11 May 2022 14:25:12 +0530 Are you and your kids both avid lovers of various cheeses? There is merely someone who doesn't love to have cheese or food products made with cheese. If you want some top-quality cheese made with creamy and luscious milk, finding the Fresh Cheese Suppliers in India is the best option for all your cravings. Satisfy all your cravings with our high-quality cheese manufactured with advanced technology methods to give it a firm of perfectly delicious and flavourful cheese.   Why buy fresh cheese?   The cheese's higher amount of biologically valuable proteins adds to its nutritional value. The protein content in all varieties of cheeses whether fresh or processed generally varies between 20-and 35%. The protein content varies inversely with the fat content in fresh cheese. A 100 g piece of fresh cheese will meet 30-40% of the daily protein requirement of an adult human being.   The cheese contributes to about five percent of the total sodium intake. Nevertheless, a constrained sodium intake is often suggested to put up the diets of people under medical management suffering from hypertension.   How to buy fresh cheese online? Buying fresh cheese online resolves all the hurdles of finding the fresh cheese that you want:   1. Products and information are just a few clicks away. Shop in the comfort of your own home or office. Imagine that. Browse through all types of cheeses available with a few clicks.   2. They deliver to your home.  You can have your much-coveted cheese at a pocket-friendly price within a few hours. You accomplish more by shopping online than by driving your car through all the traffic, snow or rain from one cheese shop to the next.   3. They sell fresh cheese. You might say, of course, they sell fresh cheese being the wholesale suppliers of fresh cheese in India. This ought to be stated: what you want is real cheese! You get that by purchasing online. You can easily find their sites that sell nothing else but high-quality cheese that's true to the tradition of process and taste. That means there is no need to visit the grocery store that wants to sell only highly commercial stuff.   4. They come with descriptions. Newbie or otherwise, descriptions are beneficial. Online shops give you these. Knowing the ingredients with nutritional values is applicable, which they offer in every packet.   5. They come with customer reviews and forums. Now, talk about asking a fellow customer how they like fresh cheese without bothering them. Just read the reviews. You may also comment on some. That way, you initiate yourself to the fine cheese community.   6. They recommend associated products. No sweat with online purchases. Just take advantage of the reminders on the shopping site that says, "People who buy this also buy other items."   These days, you have a better shot at buying freshness along with your cheese by buying it online. Secondly, most if not all brands ship your fresh cheese straight from the "caves," so to speak. Dairy Products Manufactured In Gujarat ? Wed, 17 Aug 2022 14:40:11 +0530 The Dairy products market has grown in the last few decades. Dairy products are products made from milk. The other name for dairy products is lacticinia. The dairy products include milk, ice cream, yoghurt, whey, casein, etc.   The dairy animals include cows, goats, buffalo, etc. Dairy products when consumed in proper and adequate quantities offer a healthy diet. India now has one of the largest dairy markets in India.   Importance Of Dairy Products   Dairy products are very important for our health. They fulfil nutritional deficiency. The nutrients present in them are vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. These dairy products are of various types. They promote healthy bones and muscles. The quality protein is provided by them. Dairy Products Manufacturer in Gujarat provides you with the best dairy products.   Dairy Products Manufactured In Gujarat   Dairy Products Manufacturer in Gujarat offers you a wide variety of dairy products. The products in which they deal are pure ghee, butter, milk powder, and fresh cheese. The description of dairy products are as follows:   • PURE GHEE: The pure ghee available with them are Buffalo Ghee, Desi Cow Ghee, and Sheep Ghee.   Buffalo ghee is 850 rupees per Kg. The ghee has freshness and is healthy to consume. The ghee is packed in a plastic jar. The packaging size is 10 kg, 1kg, and 5 kg. This ghee is FSSAI certified.   Desi Cow Ghee's price per Kg is 900 to 1200 Rs. This ghee can be used for cooking and worship.The ghee is nutritious and healthy. The product is packaged in a glass jar and the plastic jar. The ghee is FSSAI certification is given to the product. Sheep Ghee is 750 rupees per Kg. The colour of the ghee is yellow. The ghee is completely pure and fresh and the packaging is done in a plastic jar. The ghee has FSSAI certification.   • BUTTER: The butter available is salted or unsalted.  Salted butter price is 550 to 450 Rupees per Kg. The butter has the FSSAI certification. The butter is used for cooking purposes. The colour is light yellow and white. The butter is hygienic and healthy. It is delicious and fresh. The form is solid. The size of the packaging is 1 Kg, 2 Kg.   Unsalted butter price is 450 to 550 Rupees per kg. The butter can be used in restaurants and the home. The butter is nutritious and fresh. The form of the product is solid. The packaging is done in a paper packet.   • MILK POWDER: The price of the product is 250 to 400 rupees per kg. The powder is for human consumption. It has the shelf life of the product is 1 year. The colour of the powder is creamy white. the packaging is done in the pouch. The milk powder is used for drinking purposes and for making tea and coffee.   The milk powder has a smooth and powdery texture. The FSSAI certification is given to the product. It has 100 per cent authenticity and purity.    • FRESH CHEESE: The price of the product is 350 to 450 Rupees per Kg. The cheese has a creamy colour. The cheese is good for the health and is highly nutritious. The product has the FSSAI certification.   So, you can check the sites of these manufacturers on the internet to know about their services The specifications of the product can also be checked. You can choose the product and order. It will be delivered as per the location you want. The Uncountable Health Benefits of Sheep Ghee Thu, 24 Nov 2022 12:52:39 +0530 Ghee, like other food items, is considered to be butter fat and is completely natural. Ghee is a nourishing food that also has medicinal properties. Cattle, also known as cows, buffalo, sheep, and goats, play an important role in the production of milk and related products. All of these mammals produce ghee, one of many dairy products. In many fields of traditional medicine, ghee is regarded as one of the best health-improving foods. If you want best quality sheep ghee then contact Sheep Ghee Exporters from India. Let us take a closer look at the health benefits of Sheep Ghee so that everyone can reap the most benefits from it . ● Sheep Ghee has a delicious flavor. Sheep Ghee, like other types of Ghee, has an enticing aroma that makes people hungry at all times. This increases people's hunger, automatically enticing them to eat. This flavor motivates people of all ages to eat on time. ● Sheep ghee helps in the absorption of calcium that is present in our body Sheep Ghee is rich in Vitamin K, However, even consuming calcium-rich foods will not cause the bones in the body to absorb the calcium. Sheep Ghee, which is high in Vitamin K, allows the body to absorb calcium, which strengthens the bones. ● Sheep ghee can be considered as the best food for diet Sheep Ghee, which is high in dietary fiber, makes sure that the body does not store excess fat at any time. It not only reduces excess fat but also ensures that humans have a healthy body composition. ● Sheep Ghee contains a lot of saturated fat Raw fat is known to be more dangerous to health than saturated fat. Saturated fat has no effect on heart health, so consuming it protects the heart to a large extent. ● Lactose-free sheep ghee One of the major issues around the world among people is digestion of lactose rich products. Lactose-rich foods have a negative impact on human health all over the world. Since Sheep Ghee is lactose free therefore making it a very good option for people who are lactose intolerant to include in their diet and that also with no issues of digestion. ● Sheep Ghee can be used in cooking When the carbon chain in fatty acids is double-bonded, the molecules become unstable. When become unstable. As a result, they are unsuitable for cooking. Sheep Ghee, as saturated fat, is extremely heat resistant, making it ideal for all-purpose cooking. ● Vitamin A is found in sheep ghee Sheep Ghee contains a high concentration of fat-soluble vitamins and vitamin A in particular. Vitamin A is stored in the fat component of Sheep Ghee. Vitamin A is essential for the human body as it regulates the hormonal functioning of the human body as well as liver health. Consuming sheep ghee has one more benefit for those whose fertility rate is not good. This ghee increases the fertility rate in both men and women.   To reap all the benefits of sheep one should search for Sheep Ghee Exporters, as they will provide the purest sheep ghee at reasonable rates. Is Consuming Milk Powder Good For Health? Thu, 23 Feb 2023 17:20:54 +0530 The finest aspect of baking is that it only requires a small number of basic ingredients. They help to create a huge variety of delectable dishes. Cakes. Cookies. Brownies. Pastry. Depending on the recipe, they all begin with the same basic ingredients. They include flour, butter, sugar, and eggs, plus or without a few. And frequently, baking technique—rather than ingredient selection—is the key to perfecting baked goods. But the one ingredient offered by milk powder exporter Gujarat improves practically any baked item. Milk powder is that ingredient. What Is Powdered Milk Or Milk In A Powder Form? Milk is dehydrated to create milk powder. Spray drying milk is how it is produced. To remove half of the milk’s water content, it is first boiled. After that, a heated chamber receives a spray of the milk solids. While the solid milk powder is being left behind, the remaining water evaporates. The medicinal and sports nutrition, cooking and baked goods are created with milk powder. Other products outside a pantry staple also use powder milk. Advantages Of Milk Powder For Health The same health advantages as whole milk are also provided by milk powder in addition to its convenience. It is abundant in minerals, soluble vitamins, and amino acids. Additionally, several brands offer fortified milk powders with vitamin D. Let’s examine some of milk powder’s advantages. Protein-rich Food Milk powder is an excellent source of the amino acid casein. Milk powder has 26 grams of protein per 100 grams, or 52% of the recommended daily requirement. Favours Bone Health Powder milk contains nutrients calcium, phosphorus, potassium. Protein needed for healthy and developing bones are all present in sufficient proportions in powdered milk. The addition of vitamin D to some milk powder facilitates calcium absorption. Excellent For The Heart Since they reduce blood pressure, low-fat, calcium-rich milk products, such as milk powder, are good for the heart. Whole milk has a greater than average amount of fat. Other elements like potassium in milk mitigate the negative effects of LDL cholesterol. Milk powder is high in protein and encourages satiety. Hence, it might be a helpful addition to a diet designed to help you lose weight. A lower risk of obesity, particularly in children, has been linked to whole milk consumption. To Improve Flavour And Texture, Use Milk Powder When milk powder is added to baked items, the result is golden-brown crusts, delicate textures, and enhanced flavours. Simply incorporate a little of the milk powder into your dry ingredients. Or if you would rather use it liquidly, reconstitute it. Read the instructions on the powdered milk box for the most precise ratios. Hence, it is mandatory to buy this ingredient from a genuine milk powder exporter from Gujarat. Do so before substituting milk powder for ordinary milk in recipes. Conclusion The nutritional value of powdered milk is the same as that of fresh milk. Protein, calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A are among the elements that help strengthen bones in this food. Protein-rich powdered milk can be added to recipes to boost their protein and energy content. It is so especially for people with health conditions that need extra protein. What Are the Benefits of Fresh Cheese? Fri, 26 May 2023 17:52:40 +0530 Relief from hypertension and osteoporosis are two of cheese's main health advantages. Additionally, it promotes weight gain, bone health, and dental care. Except for several nations in the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East, it has long been an integral part of life in Europe, America, Australia, and practically every other country with a cold climate. Despite this, India and some of its neighbouring nations have used a somewhat different kind of cheese for many years. This cheese is known as "cottage cheese" or "paneer." It is created from milk or milk by-products like curd. Around the world, cheese comes in a wide range of flavours and varieties. Health Benefits of Cheese Choosing fresh cheese suppliers in India and getting quality cheese is the right choice. These have amazing nutrients that make it good for your health. The health benefits of cheese include the following: Dental Health Calcium, which is the primary component of strong teeth, is abundant in cheese. Additionally, it has a very low lactose level. The cheese's lactose content decreases with age. This is also good for the teeth because any kind of sugar, whether it be glucose, maltose, or lactose, can damage them. Bone Health In addition to having a high calcium content, cheese is also a great source of vitamin B, which helps build and repair bones and cartilage in youngsters, older adults, and women (especially those who are pregnant or nursing). Cheese contains vitamin B, which helps with calcium distribution and absorption. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is primarily a calcium shortage illness brought on by non-absorption, which causes a decline in bone mineral density. This is most noticeable in older individuals, menopausal women, and malnourished youngsters. Protein, calcium, and a vitamin-rich diet can help treat this. Since there are issues with calcium utilisation and absorption during bone growth, calcium alone won't do much to help. Cheese has large amounts of all three of these ingredients. As a result, it can be a perfect addition to the diet of those who have osteoporosis. Prevents Hypertension The two substances that are mostly thought to be bad for hypertension and those who have it are sodium and cholesterol. Cheese should be evaluated critically in this approach. Whether the milk is full-fat, full-cream, low-fat, or fat-free, the quality of the milk has a significant impact on the amount of fat in the cheese. High-fat varieties are more often consumed because they typically taste better. But low-fat cheese is also being introduced to the market while taking the general public's demand and health concerns into consideration. This implies that you must use caution while choosing it for your home and diet. Keep in mind the sodium content! Salt is a necessary component of cheese, therefore even if the sodium content fluctuates depending on how much salt is added to the milk before cheese production, it is never low enough to be advised for those with hypertension. It is generally not advised for those with hypertension (high blood pressure). Although cheese with minimal sodium and fat content can help lower homocysteine, a substance frequently linked to heart disease, it is still not advised for persons with high blood pressure. If they choose to eat it, the vitamin B concentration is another component that can benefit hypertensive persons. Promotes Weight Gain Cheese is a great food for weight gain. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, calcium, lipids, and proteins. You require protein for the development and growth of muscles, fats for the body's fat-based functions, calcium for the development of heavier, stronger bones, and vitamins and minerals for better metabolic performance. Simply consume a lot of them, engage in regular exercise, and get enough rest. Deal with the right wholesale fresh cheese suppliers in India and get quality cheese for your needs.