Dairy Products Manufactured In Gujarat ?

Posted by Admin on August, 17, 2022

The Dairy products market has grown in the last few decades. Dairy products are products made from milk. The other name for dairy products is lacticinia. The dairy products include milk, ice cream, yoghurt, whey, casein, etc.

The dairy animals include cows, goats, buffalo, etc. Dairy products when consumed in proper and adequate quantities offer a healthy diet. India now has one of the largest dairy markets in India.

Importance Of Dairy Products

Dairy products are very important for our health. They fulfil nutritional deficiency. The nutrients present in them are vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. These dairy products are of various types. They promote healthy bones and muscles. The quality protein is provided by them. Dairy Products Manufacturer in Gujarat provides you with the best dairy products.

Dairy Products Manufactured In Gujarat

Dairy Products Manufacturer in Gujarat offers you a wide variety of dairy products. The products in which they deal are pure ghee, butter, milk powder, and fresh cheese. The description of dairy products are as follows:

PURE GHEE: The pure ghee available with them are Buffalo Ghee, Desi Cow Ghee, and Sheep Ghee.

Buffalo ghee is 850 rupees per Kg. The ghee has freshness and is healthy to consume. The ghee is packed in a plastic jar. The packaging size is 10 kg, 1kg, and 5 kg. This ghee is FSSAI certified.

Desi Cow Ghee's price per Kg is 900 to 1200 Rs. This ghee can be used for cooking and worship.The ghee is nutritious and healthy. The product is packaged in a glass jar and the plastic jar. The ghee is FSSAI certification is given to the product.

Sheep Ghee is 750 rupees per Kg. The colour of the ghee is yellow. The ghee is completely pure and fresh and the packaging is done in a plastic jar. The ghee has FSSAI certification.

BUTTER: The butter available is salted or unsalted.

Salted butter price is 550 to 450 Rupees per Kg. The butter has the FSSAI certification. The butter is used for cooking purposes. The colour is light yellow and white. The butter is hygienic and healthy. It is delicious and fresh. The form is solid. The size of the packaging is 1 Kg, 2 Kg.

Unsalted butter price is 450 to 550 Rupees per kg. The butter can be used in restaurants and the home. The butter is nutritious and fresh. The form of the product is solid. The packaging is done in a paper packet.

MILK POWDER: The price of the product is 250 to 400 rupees per kg. The powder is for human consumption. It has the shelf life of the product is 1 year. The colour of the powder is creamy white. the packaging is done in the pouch. The milk powder is used for drinking purposes and for making tea and coffee.

The milk powder has a smooth and powdery texture. The FSSAI certification is given to the product. It has 100 per cent authenticity and purity.

FRESH CHEESE: The price of the product is 350 to 450 Rupees per Kg. The cheese has a creamy colour. The cheese is good for the health and is highly nutritious. The product has the FSSAI certification.

So, you can check the sites of these manufacturers on the internet to know about their services The specifications of the product can also be checked. You can choose the product and order. It will be delivered as per the location you want.

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